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The Continuing Story of Johathan Marahis

A Tragedy in as Many Acts it Takes for Me to Get Sick of This Thing

Virtual Pope
5 October
A shortened version of my name is Jon Marquis, though my favorite misspelling of my name happens to be "Johathan Marahis," a combination of Livonia's misspelled misspelling of my name (they had it as "Johnathan Marquis" and when they put up birthdays, they forgot about the "n" and kept the "h," methinks) and Northwestern University's interpretation of my signature. As Eric Huber points out, my name fits really well replacing "Let It Be" in the Beatles song. And yes, The Beatles are my favorite band. I've recently become a classic rock junkie, while still being an avid supporter of the genre's roots, such as jazz, blues, classical, etc. But, my true obsession happens to be classic movies. Annie Hall is my favorite, and to put things in perspective, I consider that brilliant 1977 Best Picture winner from Woody Allen to be a modern film. Along with that, I enjoy writing, which is the whole reason I'm doing this damn thing. Look at me, I won't shut up. There. Done. Wait... Just one more thing. I have the greatest inferiority complex in the world. Mull on that one for a while.